Check and remove yourself from 90 data broker websites

Opting out of is a people search site that allows you to find person by name, surname, age, location, phone number, marital status and court records.

How to remove your information from

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the form: enter your first and last names, your city and state. Click “Search” in order to find what records are placed on the websites. enter you first and last names to be removed from
  3. You will see all records that the website has on you. Note that you can block you current and 9 previous addresses. find your profiles on accutellus
  4. Go to Fill out the form with the information you have found and want to be removed. fill out information you want to be removed from accutellus
  5. You will see the confirmation that your opt-out request has been processed. Repeat the removal process as many times as the number of profiles with you data. records have been successfully removed from

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Check and remove yourself from 90 data broker websites