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How does Onerep work?

CIS: civil records is a online information provide, network of multiple data sources. The company providing search by full name, initials, approximate age and location.

How to remove your information from CIS: civil records?

As a courtesy, you may opt-out of having your information appear in search results on this website. When you submit your written request to the Data Management Department as explained below, they will remove your identifying information such as your name, address, and phone number from our databases. Please print and complete the Data Removal Request form available at opt-out form.

Be sure to include any of the following reasons for your request:

  1. State, local or federal law enforcement officer or public official and your position exposes you to a threat of death or serious bodily harm.
  2. Victim of identity theft.
  3. At risk of physical harm.
  4. You have evidence the record is incorrect or expunged.

To help to locate the information you wish to be removed/withheld, you may provide them with the URL link of the page with your data.

Please fax or mail your Data Removal Request along with your proof of ID and copies of any applicable court orders to:

Fax: (617) 507-0410 (This fax number is for data opt-out requests ONLY. The Opt Out Compliance Department does not manage any customer related issues)

Opt Out Compliance Dept. PO Box 130369 Boston, MA 02113

Please allow upwards of 30 days for us to fully process your Data Removal Request.

Please note: They currently do not process Data Removal Requests by email or over the phone. We may not be able to process incomplete requests which are missing proof of identification and/or vital information such as name, address and date of birth. View terms of use and privacy policy.

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Check and remove yourself from 199 data broker websites