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How does Onerep work? is a people-search site that shares personal information online. The website provides public records search, phone lookup, address lookup, email lookup, and background search. To remove your data from, you are required to submit an online form.

How to opt out and remove your information from

Please note that OneRep is not associated with To remove your record from Find People Fast, use this guide or subscribe to a service that will do it for you. In case you have any further questions for, reach out to the site directly.

Step 1: Go to
Open Find People Fast’s website.

Step 2: Look for your record
Enter your first and last name. Then, click the ‘Start Search’ button. Look for your record

Step 3: Click ‘Open Report’
Locate your record and click the ‘Open Report’ button. If there are too many results, use the age and state filters on the upper right. Click ‘Open Report’

Step 4: Copy the record URL
Highlight and copy the URL of your profile. Copy the record URL

Step 5: Access the opt-out form
Follow this link to open the opt-out form.

Step 6: Fill out and submit the form
Enter your first and last name, email address, paste the record URL, and click ‘Submit’. Fill out and submit the form

Your record removal request has been submitted. Your listing should be removed within 24-48 hours.

How to Contact Find People Fast Directly

You can reach out to via email at [email protected].

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About Find People Fast

Approximate number of monthly visitors: 170K
What shares: crime convictions, marital history, financial history, educational background, address history, asset records, and more.

Find People Fast Quick Links

Opt-out Page
Privacy Policy
Terms of Use
Contact Us Page

Find People Fast Removal Requirements

Opt-out frame: 24-48 hours
Estimated time for manual request submission: 15 minutes
Requires an email address: Yes
Requires CAPTCHA solving: No
Requires a phone number: No
Requires uploading an ID copy: No
Requires a mail-in request with an ID copy: No
Opt-out difficulty: Standard

Frequently Asked Questions about Find People Fast

How do I remove my info from

To remove yourself from, go to their website, look up your record, open it, and copy its URL. Then go to the opt-out form (, enter the required data, paste the record URL, and submit your request.

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Check and remove yourself from 199 data broker websites