Check and remove yourself from 97 data broker websites

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How does OneRep work? is a giant social network/people search site hybrid that lets you interact with all of your social media through one interface. What they don’t necessarily tell you is that they also collect all sorts of information about you from public records. This means that even if you’re not a member, anyone who wants to find information about you can find it by joining.

How to remove your information from

You can request to opt-out via email, at or by calling MyLife customer care team at** (888) 704-1900**. The template of the email is provided below. Please include in your request such information as First and Last names, Date of Birth, Current and Previous addresses. (MyLife would use this data to remove exactly your profile and not somebody else’s). It is very important to ask them remove your data not only from but from all other websites they own. opt out request from

In about 3-5 day your information will be taken off

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Check and remove yourself from 97 data broker websites