Opting out of peoplelooker.com

Find out what other sites expose your personal informaiton.

PeopleLooker allows to learn about people. They have records about ages, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, criminal records and so much more!

How to remove your information from peoplelooker.com?

  1. Go to https://www.peoplelooker.com/f/optout/search. Enter your First and Last Names. Specify your state and click on “Search” button.

enter your first and last names to be removed from peoplelooker.com

  1. Find exactly your profile and click on it.

choose the profile you want remove from peoplelooker.com

  1. Submit your opt-out request. Enter your email address, solve reCAPTCHA and press “Send Verification Email” button.

remove your records from peoplelooker.com

  1. Open your email box. Find a letter from peoplelooker.com. In the letter click the button “Verify Opt Out”

  2. Your records have been successfully removed from peoplelooker.com

your records have been removed from peoplelooker.com

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