Check and remove yourself from 90 data broker websites

Opting out of

Quanki is a data aggregator that has gathered millions of records about US citizens. Its data base contains first and last names, addresses, phone numbers, age, etc.

How to remove your information from

Contact via email at In the email, attach the URL(link) of the profile you want to remove.

If you’d already made opt-out request but didn’t get either positive results or any reaction than it’s time to seek help from webmasters. How to do this?

1.Go to the website whois.

2.Enter domain name or IP Address of the website you want to erase your information.

3.Find contacts (Registrant/Admin Email/Phone).

4.Write or call to the webmaster. Explain that you’ve already complied with all removal conditions and waited the right amount of time according to the privacy policy of a particular website.

If that doesn’t help, write to a host.

1.Find the website’s IP. Find it here.

2.Check IP’s whois, for example, here.

3.Find contacts to write an abuse letter.

View terms of use and privacy policy.

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Check and remove yourself from 90 data broker websites