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How does Onerep work? is a massive database that shares the contact information of more than 500 million professionals across 6 million companies around the world. The website is mostly used for lead generation in recruiting, marketing, and sales. To remove your information from, you are required to claim your profile first and then request an opt-out on their website.

Before you delete your RocketReach listing

Keep in mind that popular online services collect information on users, and share it with third parties. Eventually, your data finds its way to data brokers (AKA people-search sites), such as Whitepages, Mylife, and Spokeo to name a few. OneRep helps you remove your information from these websites. We scan over 100 people-search engines to find those that expose your private information, and then we remove your records from them. Sign up for a free 5-day trial today to start protecting your privacy with OneRep.

How to opt out and remove your information from

Please note that OneRep is not associated with To remove your record from RocketReach, use this guide or subscribe to a service that will do it for you. In case you have any further questions for RocketReach, reach out to the site directly.

Step 1: Find your RocketReach record
First, you need to locate your RocketReach profile. There are several ways to do that:

  • If you have an account, log in. Then look yourself up and find a matching record.
  • If you don’t have a RocketReach account, you may sign up and then look yourself up.
  • Another option if you don’t have a RocketReach account is to perform a Google search by typing your name + RocketReach. To ease the process, you may add your job title or company name, e.g. ‘John Snow Managing Director RocketReach’.

Alternatively, you may use a LinkedIn profile if you have one. Enter your name in the search bar and click "Search" Find your RocketReach record

Step 2: Copy the record URL
Once you locate your profile, select its URL and copy it. Copy the record URL

Step 3: Go to the opt-out page
To proceed with the opt-out process, you need to claim your profile on this page.

Step 4: Enter the necessary details and click ‘Submit Request’
Type your full name and company name, paste the link to your RocketReach or LinkedIn page, and the email address listed in your profile (note that you should have access to it). Then click the ‘Submit Request’ button. Enter the necessary details and click ‘Submit Request’

Step 5: Verify your profile via email
Go to your inbox and open an email from RocketReach. Click on ‘Claim Profile’. Verify your profile via email

Step 6: Click on ‘Remove My Profile’
On the appearing page, find the ‘Remove My Profile’ button and click on it. Click on ‘Remove My Profile’

Step 7: Submit your opt-out reason
At this point, RocketReach will ask you to describe why you request the removal of your record. Enter your reason and hit the ‘Remove My Profile’ button. Submit your opt-out reason

Your record has been removed from

Please note that it may take several weeks for your profile to disappear from Google search results pages as it takes time for it to update its content and exclude links to your deleted records. You can speed up the process by using Google’s outdated content removal tool.

RocketReach Removal Via Email

Another way for you to remove your record from is to send a request to [email protected]. Provide the following information in your email: your full name, current job title and place of employment, and the URL of the record you wish to have removed.

How To Contact RocketReach Directly

To reach out to, you can send an email to [email protected] or call +1 (833) 212-3828. Also, you may send mail to 1100 Bellevue Way NE, Ste. 8A, #91, Bellevue, WA 98004.

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About RocketReach

Founded in: 2016
Database features: over 500 million records
Approximate number of monthly visitors: 6.7 million
What shares: job titles, professional background, education, contact details, and more.

RocketReach Quick Links

Opt-out Page
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions
Contact Us Page
Help Center

RocketReach Removal Requirements

Opt-out Frame: Immediate
Estimated time for manual request submission: 15 minutes
Requires an email address: Yes
Requires CAPTCHA solving: No
Requires a phone number: No
Requires uploading an ID copy: No
Requires a mail-in request with an ID copy: No
Opt-out difficulty: Standard

Frequently Asked Questions about RocketReach

How do I remove information from RocketReach?

To remove your info from, you first need to locate your profile. Look it up on RocketReach after registering or on Google. Then go to the opt-out page, enter your details, and click on ‘Submit Request’. Find an email from RocketReach in your inbox and follow the confirmation link. Then hit the ‘Remove My Profile’ button and submit your opt-out reason.

What is RocketReach? is a platform for lead generation. It claims to have ‘the world’s largest and most accurate database of emails and direct dials’. Nevertheless, some RocketReach reviews on different platforms mention that contact details are incorrect or outdated.

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Check and remove yourself from 199 data broker websites