Check and remove yourself from 97 data broker websites

Opting out of

How does OneRep work?

Spokeo helps reunite friends and family, browse celebrities, and discover information about your online footprint, by simply searching a name, address, email, phone or username.

How to remove your information from

  1. Go to Enter your first and last name. Press “Search”. enter your first and last name to remove your records from spokeo
  2. Find your profile, click on “See Results”. Remove yourself from spokeo
  3. Copy the URL (the URL can be found on the top of your browser) copy the url to remove yourself from
    1. Go to Paste the URL from the previous page, write your email address and resolve the reCAPTCHA. Press “Remove The Listing”. remove the listing from spokeo
    2. You will receive an email from Spokeo. Click on the link to complete the removal process. click the link to complete the removal process on spokeo
    3. Your profile has been successfully removed from Spokeo. Please allow 2-3 days for all updates to be reflected on the site.

NOTE! Spokeo allows only 5 removal requests per email address and IP address. If you receive a message that says “In order to prevent abuse, we must limit the frequency of automated privacy requests,” use temporary disposable email services like,,

View terms of use and privacy policy.

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Check and remove yourself from 97 data broker websites