Check and remove yourself from 90 data broker websites

Opting out of is a company which collects your personal information and sells it to marketers and advertisers interested in you. However it provides consumers with a clear understanding of its service and information about what kind of data is available to its database. You can always contact Epsilon support team in case you need to change your personal information, delete or ask to have it removed.

How to remove your information from

  • If you want to remove your personal data from send them an e-mail with your ID and information for validation. They need your ID and additional information ONLY to remove your personal listing and not somebody else’s.

  • E-mail -

  • Opting out request can take 14 business days.

Epsilon is an opt-in email service provider. Epsilon clients may utilize Epsilon email platform to deploy emails on their behalf. Epsilon does not in any way own this data and is therefore unable and unauthorized to remove an email address from a client’s email list. If you are a customer of an Epsilon client and would like to be removed from a client’s email list, you may use the unsubscribe mechanism within the email you receive, or you may contact the marketer directly and request that your email be removed. Please be aware that you may do business with several companies that are clients of Epsilon and you must contact each to be removed from their email lists. Epsilon in no way sells or shares these email addresses with any company without consent.

To opt-out of Epsilon’s databases for marketing purposes, please provide your full name and complete mailing address to process opt-out ( For privacy concerns, please be advised that Epsilon are unable to process third party requests for Opt-Out. The only exception is if the individual is deceased or requestor has documented Power of Attorney.

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Check and remove yourself from 90 data broker websites