Check and remove yourself from 97 data broker websites

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How does OneRep work? uses the same database as, however it claims that it belongs to shows names, phone numbers, age, current and previous address and much more.

How to remove your information from

Upon request the website can block the records it has control over in its database from being shown on The website does not accept opt-out requests via fax or mail. To manage or remove your public records from the database, please click here.

This is how the opt-out form looks like: how to remove records from

Once you fill out the form, click “Submit” button. customer service will read and answer your request within 2 business days. Although the form shown above is the best and fastest way to reach them, if you wish you may also contact the website by phone at: (786) 350-2744

Please note that changes you request may not be effective immediately. Note that despite any request for removal of or change to personal information, may need to retain certain information for record keeping purposes and there may also be residual information that will remain within their databases and other records, which will not be removed or changed.

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Check and remove yourself from 97 data broker websites