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Check what other sites beyond CriminalRegistry.org expose your information

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Opting out of CriminalRegistry.org

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Founded in 2015, we pioneered automated removal from people-search sites. Our service uses precise opt-out algorithms tailored for each website. When a site changes its algorithm, we detect the change immediately, and our team updates the process. These updates are promptly reflected in the Onerep DIY data broker removal guides. With 16 million records already removed from hundreds of sites for our customers, you are accessing the expertise of the #1 team in the industry with this guide.

What is CriminalRegistry.org?

CriminalRegistry.org is a people-search site that provides access to multiple public records, focusing on criminal ones.

How to remove your information from CriminalRegistry.org?

In short:

  1. Open CriminalRegistry.org’s opt-out page (criminalregistry.org/remove.php)
  2. Look yourself up
  3. Answer the security question at the top of the page
Opt out of 207 data broker sites with no effort on your part

Get your information removed fast and with no effort on your part. Our automated engine does the work.

Step 1: Open CriminalRegistry.org. Scroll all the way down and follow the “Opt-Out” link.

1 15

Step 2: Enter your first and last name and click the “Search” button.

2 17

Step 3: On the appearing page, type the answer to the security question at the top and submit it.

3 12

Your request had been submitted and should be processed shortly.

CriminalRegistry.org quick links

Your data is still exposed on other brokers

Many other people-search websites expose your personal information. We recommend that you opt out of these five next:

Go through this list and send opt-out requests manually to each data broker, or subscribe to Onerep to remove records automatically from 207 sites with just a few clicks.

Save time. Automate removal from CriminalRegistry.org and 206 other data broker sites.

Helping people protect their privacy since 2015. Over 16M unauthorized profiles removed. Use the industry’s top tool.

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Check what other sites beyond CriminalRegistry.org expose your information

Automate the removal of your personal information from 207 data brokers and Google

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